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Bubba G.

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About me

I'm in High School and I'm 18 years old! I go to School at Shiprock High School! I'm too scared to get my driver's license lol I play in sports when i was a junior! So i still play....I played volleyball and basketball then sometimes softball. I love playing in tournments and leagues. I love music!! I always have to have music before playing or just kicking it where ever! I'm active so i enjoy doing outdoor activites such as hiking, swimming, jogging, rock climbing and etc. I like reading maganize's such as people, ok maganize, I like to keep updated with my stars.

About my collections

I like R&B, hip-hop,country, and alittle of rock such as journey,HIM, ACDC, and etc....I like jordin sparks,Pussycat Dolls,Rihanna,Alica Keys, Brittanys Spears,Jennifer Hudson,Ciara, Cassie,Lil Mama,Eve,Keri Hilton, T.I,Nelly,Florida,The Dream,Chris Brown,NeYo,T-Pain,Dem Frendize Boys, Usher,Dr.Dre,MC Magic, and NB Ridas. My fav. book to read would probably be twilight but i'll rather watch the movie. My fav. game would be mario and leggie, speed 3, and halo...


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Posted: 9 years ago at May 4 17:26
hey what's up sorry haven't sen a comment back but i didn't go to skul all last week... sorry well ma wk went all jack just stayed home and be sick... so how was ur week?
Posted: 9 years ago at May 1 17:24
yea..u never see those dogs around..lol..but yeah...well we do have senior ditch day but i dont think theses seniors wanted to do that..lol..wait til next year so i can..lol..jp...but yea im just in class all bored out on da computer..my boyfriends favorite teachers always on my ass in here..ugh!..it suxs..so now i call her his mom!..lol..its funnie! well battles is on saturday at window rock...at nakai hall...but i cant go!...even to prom...cuz we got a family meeting or ceremony again...like the peyote meeting we had but somewhat different..and this is the sucky part...we gotta stay up all nite again..ugh! so basically my uncles and everybody kept telling to skip prom and that i have next year to go! so yeah...well your senior lock n sounds cool...yup...well yea...everybody here is most likely all stuck up!..lol..jk..but its okay...well i heard about your prom...through one of the teachers..or the boys besketball coach!...he coached over there..his name is getler!..maybe you know him...well he said that only about 100 ppl showed up and their was hardly any decorations up...something like that!..idk...but im still staying after skewl to help out with prom..but i cant go... :(..lol..well yea...well i better go now..hopefully this is enough for you to get away from whatever you were doing that was boring..lol..jk...see ys'..ttul
Posted: 9 years ago at May 1 16:50
hahaha! your background sucks! haha! i need to help you with the gaget stuff! haha! well sicko mr. rice is dying in here! ahah!(Hes Coughing loud) haha! well bye gina~!
Posted: 9 years ago at Apr 30 17:20
yea...its all good...i know what you mean!..lol..i gotta have fun and just hang-out also...lol...well yea...my lil brotha might get another dog though...maybe a mug this tyme..lol...the one with little smashed noses..lol...well yea thats how i remember them..lol..so i heard that your prom was a disaster!...wow!...well ours isnt til this weekend..but im not goin!...probrbly go dancin...lol...theres a battle of the bands goin on so yea...well what a senior lock n?...never heard of that!..we only have senior ditch day, but seniors didnt do that this year!..maybe next year when its my turn..lol..jp..well nothing new happen with me...what bout you? havent heard from you in awhile?...well i gotta go...almost tyme for lunch!..ttul
Posted: 9 years ago at Apr 29 1:10
wats up yo! hahaha
Posted: 9 years, 1 month ago at Apr 24 23:09
well idk about the wkend but i have a 4 day wkend cuz i did not go to school on friday so yeah i had sumthin better to do.. yup well have fun and ttyl.
Posted: 9 years, 1 month ago at Apr 24 15:01
howdy!..lol...well my morning is going good so far...just all bored and in class rite now...ugh!...hate skool! wasnt gonna come today but we got no school monday....so whatda heck!..lol..well my little brothers dogs name was Brutt...but i like callin him Bruttis Joe..lol...well yeah...well the purpose to go to NAC is just like goin to church but just da different way!...lol...well your parents are christian?...wierd...so y do they drink and go to dances alot?...well my auntie is also a christian too....but its all good!...well i gotta go now...da bells gonna ring over here..lol..ttul
Posted: 9 years, 1 month ago at Apr 22 20:03
oh for real well that's cool... well all i did for the weekend was go to shiprock and have some fun... That's all i really do... So how was the movie? For me i'm doing good in my classes just not ready for finals.....
Posted: 9 years, 1 month ago at Apr 22 14:36
hahaha yeah sort of a long drive...lol but its alright...dang one of my other good friends stopped talking to me...lol idc tho...its bs...ne ways that sucks lol haha yeah i member when we had to hide snacks...lol yeah well ne ways...im behind in my first hour class...lol yeah ima get caught up...hopefully by the end of this month because i have alotta stuff to do tehehe...im drinkin a rockstar...lol yesterday i went to shiprock...haha i washed the rugs at my house...lol haha...i ate at taco bell...YUM... hhmmm, im drinking a rockstar...lol
hey do u know if anything will happen if i take a benadryl and drink a rockstar? lol...haha...my weekend sucked....ill message you part of the story...
Posted: 9 years, 1 month ago at Apr 21 20:29
Yup yup so what's new?
Posted: 9 years, 1 month ago at Apr 20 20:09
cool cool. yep.. mine was awesome. played ball all week! lol. love the game.. yehh..
Posted: 9 years, 1 month ago at Apr 20 17:13
yea...well it did suck because it was blowin...but glad thats over wit...well this weekend i went to a peyote meeting for my grandma saturday nite...and got done at like 7am yesterday...kept goin to sleep..lol..but it was alrite...i planned on having one for my birthday but idk yet..lol..well my little brothers chirchuau..lol..(however)...died saturday too...someone ran over it when they let it out to go to the restroom..lol..kinda funni but sad.. :(...well yea...the guy i dated was Marcus...but when i see him it dont bother me...cuz when i go to the dances hes usually busy playin and only gets like a 15min. break...but i talk to him...but i gotta admit it...it does get me jealous a bit when i see him wit other girls but i dont care at the same time cuz i already got a bf...but idk...its crazy!..lol...well im just n class all bored..well i should go now and do my work...see ya'
Posted: 9 years, 1 month ago at Apr 17 14:50
hahaha dang huh? well u better catch up with your work...lol i think im fallin behind a lil too...lol
im just retyping and re-editing my papers for my final project{porfolio} lol yeah they are bitches...idk tho...haha most of the boys here are rezzy...lol i think idk most of them are alright...but the good looking ones left a long time ago...lol my babes too...=( i miss him..but ima see him in an hour..lol i only have to go to 1st and 2nd hour...its fun..lol yeah we were close...very close..lol yeah haha they all prolly do have their period..lol haha i dont think they are gonna find any midol here...lol haha i wish i could go to school there again...it was fun...but yeah...idk i left because my bf wanted me to stay with him...n i did...so that meant coming back here...lol but it was a messed up thing to do...but oh well at least some of my friends still talk to me..lol i made some new ones too...lol yeah im drinking a capri sun and eating fruit snacks...lol our teacher gave em to us...lol it helps us work..lol well it helps me type faster...lol they are my drug...jk rockstar is my drug...lol haha im glad u like that thingy i said...lol people get mad at me cuz i use to drink it all day and night...lol it was my very energetic existince...haha idk if i spelled that word right...lol u should visit the school.l...lol i dont think u would like it...its too small and people know ur buisness...and they wont stop talking shit about you...even when that shit is long past due..haha... well ne ways i gotta go...haha need to get back to work...lol
Posted: 9 years, 1 month ago at Apr 16 14:42
lol u really wanna know? haha ok honestly, i like that school better, because nobody there knows me...lol and that is the way i like it haha ewh...and everyone there was freindly...everyone here at newcomb is a bitch...i mean i dont mean to say that but its just the way things are...idk ill tell u more about being here at this school..but oh well...im gettin a free education..haha so i cant complain..haha...yeah that white one has no sugar or caffeine, but what fun is that? lol its called an energy drink for a reason..lol i like to get hyper...but i dont do so much ne more..theres no one to be silly with...thats why i miss my toots(jasmine) and my love(lynda)...lol well how are u this fine morning? at least it aint all dusty huh?...lol
Posted: 9 years, 1 month ago at Apr 16 14:15
well my easter was okay...except that the wind was blowing...got all dusty..lol..well yea i know da young dreamers..i actually use to date one of em'. but now were just cool buds..lol..yup there pretty good...last tyme they won the battle of the bands that stateline usually hosts...it was awesome..and no i didnt "boogie" ...lol...i had to stay home....it sucked well the bell just rang...so i gotta go...ttul
Posted: 9 years, 1 month ago at Apr 15 14:53
i LOVE the black one too..lol i use to drink the purple one but that gave me a headache...lol...
i know...hhmm...jasmine f. lynda h. dominic s. dominic b. keirean b. nichole l(and her little sister). audrey m. tasha. jayshauna. cordell t. samantha. vanessa. gregory b. toby. harland. alisha m. dedee. jessica. i thnk that is it for now...i dont really remember all of em...but so far that is who i knew or know or whatever...lol
so yeah...oh by the way my name is ricarla...lol
Posted: 9 years, 1 month ago at Apr 14 18:41
Hey well ive been buey alot lately..probably already figured it rite?? well yea...got huge massive problems with basically...everyone..lol...well i didnt go to the dance in sanostee...i stayed home and watched t.v...lol...but this past weekend i went to one in gallup...my friend played so he told me to go...his band is the arizona young dreamers...but yea...i havent heard anything about sat's yet...so idk! well yea i drink but not all hard-core liquior...lol...ugh! thats gross...well i gotta go do my work...see ya'...lol..
Posted: 9 years, 1 month ago at Apr 14 14:40
yeah i drink em every once in a while..lol
ima get ready to drink one. lol
u go to shs?..i use to go there too..
hhmm..well im not up to much just chillin chewin gum..lol
its strawberry flavored...
hhmmm..i like mr goodbars, snickers, m&ms, kit kats, reeses. i think that is all...im not so sure. well it was nice talking.
hope to hear from you soon.
Posted: 9 years, 1 month ago at Apr 13 18:01
Oh really well that's cool... So are you senior? Yup it was boring but in between during the breaks was pretty cool just talked ta my bros. lol. Yup yup.......
Posted: 9 years, 1 month ago at Apr 13 16:00
newComB hIgh sChooL...lol umm ill msg you iight

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